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2016. August. In re Gunboat Int'l, Ltd. ON OFF. Text Highlighter; Bookmark; PDF; Share; In Gunboat International, Ltd., the Bankruptcy Court previously held that counsel may provide post-petition services, be retained under Bankruptcy Code section 327(a) and be considered “disinterested,” while still retaining an approximately $12,000 pre-petition claim. As Gunboat International slid into bankruptcy, fixes on these issues apparently ground to a halt. So, our owner rolled up his sleeves, broke out his project-management smarts, and got into the yacht-finishing business all by himself.

Gunboat bankruptcy

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Being bankrupt normally lasts 12 months and it?s after this period of time that you will be freed from your bankruptcy and Gunboat filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2015, with founder Peter Johnstone stepping down earlier this year. – Trade Only, full report … Full Article: Scuttlebutt Sailing News – Gunboat Sold at Auction, Editor. Clipper Race: Welcome to the Drifter Zone: The high-end catamaran yard Gunboat, founded in the 2000s by Peter Johnstone of the J-boats founder family, and known for its foil cruising catamaran had been placed under Chapter 11 protection on 18 November 2015. In accordance with US bankruptcy law, the company was put up for auction.

Gunboat Bimms.

Gunboat International, a high performance luxury sailing manufacturer, announced Wednesday that it had filed for bankruptcy protection in a “perfect storm” of difficult business circumstances. Company owner Peter Johnstone posted a letter on the Gunboat International Facebook page saying that a legal dispute with a boat building company was central to his own company’s financial problems.

In accordance with US bankruptcy law, the company was put up for auction. The buyers had until 15 April 2016 to make themselves known. 128 votes, 75 comments.

Gunboat bankruptcy

In In re Gunboat International, Ltd., the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina held that section 363(m) of the Bankruptcy Code, which protects a good faith purchaser from a reversal of an order approving a bankruptcy sale, does not apply to collateral attacks on a sale order under Rule 60(b) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (“FRCP”).

Gunboat bankruptcy

The Grand Large owns Allures, Garcia, Outremer and Gunboat. I thought that being bought by a large company and with plenty orders RM was on the way to become successful again but then I was astonished with the knowledge that the new company was neither responsible for the debts of the previous one, nor would they respect its commitments with clients that had ordered boats and had made large We have long been, and will continue to be, the leader in providing inside stories, great reports from around the globe, along with the informative, snarky, profane coverage that you have come to expect.

Gunboat bankruptcy

“It’s unfortunate we have to go through this process, but we see our path through,” Johnstone told Feb 7, 2015 - UPDATE 8/10/2016: To read Rainmaker's salvage listing, click here.
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100k members in the sailing community. /r/Sailing is a place to ask about, share, show, and enjoy all about sailing, sail … China-based Hudson Yacht Marine — the entity tied up in litigation with Gunboat regarding what Gunboat founder Peter Johnstone called shoddy work, which the company denied in a countersuit — also submitted a bid to buy Gunboat out of bankruptcy for $610,000, but Grand Large ultimately outbid it. Gunboat International filed for Chapter 11 protection on Wednesday after a series of challenges in the past two years, but owner Peter Johnstone says the company is operationally poised to rebound.

He was proven wrong in 1911 when the German gunboat Panther sailed in to  bankrupt bankruptcies bankruptcy bankrupted bankrupting bankrupts banks gumweed gumweeds gumwood gumwoods gun gunboat gunboats guncotton  Trade and Gunboats Bankruptcy of Empire 1400 to the Present (with Kenneth Pomeranz) and Trade and Gunboats: The United States and Brazil in the Age  The Yankee gunboats had tightened the mesh at the ports and very few ships were boots because it's goodbye to the Yankee milch cow, hello bankruptcy.
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Johnstone created a boat that could cruise the world in safety, and with performance bettering that of the catamarans designed for the charter trade.