2001-03-01 · The alphabet called Cyrillic is based closely on the Greek alphabet, with a dozen or so additional characters invented to represent Slavonic sounds not found in Greek. Some of the earliest Slavonic manuscripts, however, use a very different script, known as Glagolitic, and it is this script that many scholars believe Cyril invented.


an analysis of the Glagolitic alphabet and by some comments relating to the invented at all, when Saint Cyril began the translation of the liturgical books into 

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Glagolitic alphabet translation

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Glagolitic: …Hieronymian, Illyrian, Slovenish Translations Glagolitic - of or pertaining to the Glagolitic alphabet Catalan: glagolític‎ (masc.) Dutch: Glagolitisch‎… cirílico: cirílico (Portuguese) Origin & history Named after Saint Cyril, who devised a predecessor to Cyrillic script, the Glagolitic alphabet. The Glagolitic script (known as Glagolitsa) is the oldest reported Slavic alphabet. It is believed that it has been created in the 9th century by Cyril, the son of a rich merchant from Thessaloniki. He and his brother, Methodius, were sent by the Byzantine Emperor Michael III in 863 to Great Moravia for the purpose of spreading Christianity among the West Slavs in the area.

Glagolitic(Noun). The oldest known Slavonic alphabet, designed around 862– 863 by Saint Cyril in order to translate the Bible and other texts into Old Church  The Glagolitic script is the oldest known Slavic alphabet. Glagolitic Script in 14th century, and they are among the earliest known translation of Benedictine  The origin of the Glagolitic alphabet (Glagolitsa, Glagolica) and its adoption by the meaning, in free translation and adapted to the modern language, “Me, who  They spread Christianity by translating the Bible into a language understood by ordinary Slavs and devised Glagolitic script, a new Slavic alphabet.

Schaffung eines slawischen (glagolitischen) Alphabets eine herausragende to their translation of the Bible and the creation of a Slavic (Glagolitic) alphabet.

Therefore transliteration uses iže - Ⰹ, closest one can get. Not implemented: yus and similar symbols.

Glagolitic alphabet translation

The Glagolitic alphabet was invented during the 9th century by the missionaries St Cyril (827-869 AD) and St Methodius (826-885 AD) in order to translate the Bible and other religious works into the language of the Great Moravia region.

Glagolitic alphabet translation

Glagolitic alphabet in English. early Slavonic alphabet that was produced by Saint Cyril around 862-863 as to translate the Bible and other texts into the Slavonic language. Dictionary source: Babylon English-English. More: English to English translation of Glagolitic alphabet. Glagolitic alphabet in Arabic. You can either use the on-screen buttons, paste the text you want to translate in (try Ⰳⰾⰰⰳⱁⰾⰻⱌⰰ), or maybe you happen to have a Glagolitic keyboard handy. Tips & Issues Line breaks will not copy over if using the "Translate to English via Google Translate", if you want to translate multiple lines, translate to Cyrillic and then paste manually into Google Translate.

Glagolitic alphabet translation

The first person to print the scriptures in this alphabet was Blaz Baromic; see the wood block? The Glagolitc alphabet was created by the stylisation of Greek cursive around the middle of the 9th century. Saint Cyril is mainly mentioned as the author of the Glagolitic alphabet who used this alphabet for his translation of ecclesiastical books into the ancient Slavic language.
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Referens: FinancialTranslator Engelska. Glagolitic alphabet  L och G. Från det glagolitiska alfabetet som är det äldsta slaviska alfabetet. L and G. From the Glagolitic alphabet.

Dictionary source: Babylon English-English. More: English to English translation of Glagolitic alphabet.
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Glagolitic alphabet translation in English - German Reverso dictionary, see also 'glass cloth',gloating',glasnost',gloatingly', examples, definition, conjugation Translation Context Until 14th century in Croatian glagolitic alphabet Yat was on position 26 (with numerical value 800) and Shcha on position 31. By the end of 14th century they change their positions, so that since then it was Scha that had numerical value 800 instead of Yat. See [Fucic, Glagoljski natpisi p.14], and also [Fucic, Brojevi u glagoljici]. Glagolitic in French. glagolitique, premier alphabet slave utilisé pour les besoins de l'évangélisation glagolitique, relatif ou spécifique à l'alphabet utilisé par les Slaves qui vivaient dans les Balkans. Dictionary source: Babylon English-French Dictionary.